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Dave Fisher

Northern California
Dave Fisher, Apache Software Foundation Member, Apache POI PMC, Apache OpenOffice PMC, Apache Incubator PMC, Apache Flex PMC/Mentor, Apache Olingo Mentor. Spoke at Apachecon NA 2010 and 2011 on Apache POI. Throughout my career I have worked on various aspects of document creation and transformation in high volume on demand mass customization workflows. We were attracted to Apache projects for all aspects: a favorable license, open code base, contribution of features, and a community of like minded developers.
Tuesday, May 16

11:05am EDT

12:05pm EDT

2:30pm EDT

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5:30pm EDT

Wednesday, May 17

10:15am EDT

11:15am EDT

12:15pm EDT

2:30pm EDT

3:30pm EDT

Thursday, May 18

9:00am EDT

10:00am EDT

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2:40pm EDT